Where Insanity Thrives… Still

well over the last few months if have been slowly working on setting up a workshop in the garage, at it has finally ha the last vital piece installed. The forge, now this may not seem to be a normal piece to add to a home workshop i find it quite useful and fun to boot.

how this came about is an interesting story that started with some innocent Google searching, and i came across some websites about blacksmithing, now this has always been something that has interested me, however i never thought that i would be doing this at home. however with some help of a friend who had a gas forge and some inspirational websites showing just what could be achieved with very few tools i decided to set out and build my own.

first up was a list of tools I HAD to have to be able to do anything, that was a hammer, something to make it hot, and something to hit it on.

after much searching i came across where there was listings for all sorts of tools that would complete my workshop, and a few emails and a couple of months later i was the proud owner of a 30kg anvil and a pair of blacksmiths cross pein hammers. this solved 2 of my 3 must have items, a hammer and something to hit it on, but still left me with no way to make it hot.

hence began the long search for a forge, after a few false starts looking for gas forges and either not being able to get them to sydney, or them being way out of my price range i posted a wanted a on the work classifieds, only to be offered a free solid fuel forge, that was found to be in perfect working order and only about 15 minuets from home,so naturally that was a taker.

so now I have a forge, anvil and hammers ready to go! lots of fun times to follow, time to decide what to make first (well next as i had to make some tools first!)


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