Where Insanity Thrives… Still

well after quite some time of not writing much code I decided to dig out the old code for this site and see what If I could use it for some projects I had in mind.

As it turns out while the code isn’t spectacular in the form I had left it it was still a good idea for the most part, so I decided to set about a rewrite/re factor of the code to bring it up to php5.3 standards from its old 4.x standard and make it in to more of a OO framework that i can drop into other projects with out as much need to hack it to pieces to make it work.

after hacking out all the business logic of doing anything in particular (like creating this blog in a previous life) I found I had quite a lot of work to do to bring it up to date. however its starting to come together so I have decided to move it on to GitHub to host my project (and those it will spawn once the rewrite is “Done”)

with the choice to host this code came the choice of license to put it up under, and after looking through several licenses i ended up going with the modified (3-clause) BSD license.

hopefully this will form a nice, simple, and fast framework that can be used for a range of php software both open and closed source.

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