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Mass Photos for you… Sunset over the Atlantic, and some pictures form a replenishment with a English tanker. Plymouth and London.

In Addition i have added a link at the top of the page to make it easier to access all the galleries.

Hope you enjoy

Well its time for anothor round of photos… this time from spain.

Hey just a quick note to say I’m back in Aus and at home safe and sound. I will have another crack at uploading the photo’s latter.

edit: Here are my Photos of france… more to come soon!

so i have been a litte lazy on this but its still not forgotten…. at least by me.

we have reached Hawaii and are new well and truly on the way home at last with only 1 more port before we reach home! so keep an eye out for the photos from the trip.

speaking of photos i had a near disaster yesterday where the harddrive I am using to store them on had a freak out and i almost lost them all, before finding an awesome tool called photoRec that allowed me to recover ALL of my photos even though the drive had no idea what was there, along with some other things i had on there that i wasn’t as worried about.

so next time you accidentally delete a file of have some sort of problem and lose files i recommend checking that out to get them back.

so never fear all 1200 photos are still headed your way!

I have also added a little shout box over in the side bar for you to spam me some more for updates 🙂

p.s. would it kill someone to post a comment to let me know I’m not writing to my self!

Another update from Spain this time.

The rest of France was awsome, but i wont go in to to much detail. But i did buy a digital SLR while i was there a Pentax k200d with a 18-55 lens so i have been taking heaps of photos with that for you all to see once I get back, or if i can be bothered to upload them before then.

Since being in Spain i haven’t got to see much as there isn’t a whole lot in this area to see., but i did get a chance to go to the Castillo De san Filipe (St phillip’s castle) and that was quite cool and i have heaps of photos of it to put up when i get the chance.

Hey All,

Long time with out posting but this time i have an excuse, I’m in France! Still getting out to have a look at whats around here but just walking around Toulon is an experience, so much history surrounding you everywhere here. I am hoping to get a chance to have a look as some of the old fortifications and some of the other historical sites.

on the way here we stopped in India and Egypt, but i didn’t get a chance ot go on the tour through Egypt.

India was very interesting so diff rent from home. the roads are crazy its like there are no road rules, and battering is the only way to buy anything with out getting totally ripped off. I have some photos on my phone but I cant get them off atm so you will have to wait to see them 🙂

hope your all well.

well i have finished uploading all the photos so here they are for your enjoyment


Well I finally did it. I have changed over to using wordpress for my blog as its just so much easier to use then trying to update the old one and add features.

And with this I have added a photo gallery that I’m going to upload some photos to later on tonight (as soon as i get them so i can upload them) so enjoy and baby this will inspire me to update this a little more regularly as i don’t think it could get less often 🙂

Well I have been incredibly lazy on this, even for me 🙂

Not a great deal has been happening have moved into the new house and getting settled.

I had a slight change of plans with my posting and am now on HMAS Sydney, and as a result as going around the world, starting in a couple of weeks time. with stips in india, the UK, canada and the US just to name a few it should be an interesting trip away with lots to see and do.

I doubt that i will be able to get to see most people before i leave but i will try to see some of you if all goes to plan before we go.

As for the photo gallery I was working on it kind of got interupted by being at sea for 4 weeks and so its still sitting here waiting to be finished.


Well I have been so slack with updating this i'm not sure many people even come here very often anymore.

But now the wedding is over i think im going to change to something easer to use like word press for the blog so i can add a photo gallery to the site as i now have a whole lot of photos from the wedding/honeymoon to add to the site.

Give me a day or so and i will add a longer blog to let you know how everthing went while we were away


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