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It’s been some time since I last played an elder scrolls game, however with skim I have decided to give other a go.

After some shopping around I got my copy, for the PC, and headed home to load it up, and during he install it automatically linked it to my steam account, so no need to keep the cd key on hand thankfully. Steam then went to work getting the day 1 patch for me and updating my game to taking about 10 minutes to download and install. While this was happening I had a quick look at the map that came with my copy of the game, this was a nice high quality printing that would not look astray above your pc so you can see where you are going with out having to refer to the in game map.

With the install now finished I started up the game and it detected the video settings and set my system to use the high settings (and using my native resolution that was a nice surprise.) so I left everything as it suggested and dived head first in to the game. as usual for an elder scrolls game, you start with a scripted sequence with you as a prisoner being taken to an outpost of some kind. where you are introduced to some of the main factions (well I presume they are) and some of the story line to come. After some explanation of the story line you are thrown in to for the main quest line (that I won’t spoil for you here) you are placed in to a small tutorial style section of the game that explains some of the mechanics for fighting and gives you some basic equipment before leading you to your first village in the game so continue with either the main quest line or the large number of side quests in the game.

One thing I noticed that could get annoying quickly was when killing the last of a a group of enemy’s your character went in to a cut scene style kill move, while h=these are quite nice there is a limited number of them so they tend to repeat, and while doing one of the side quests I noticed I went in to one while I was still being shot at! so I’m a little undecided about that feature, however it is quite nice when you sneak up on someone to see a little shot of you assassinating them to reward your efforts.

On the graphics side of things, its a very good looking game, even with out the settings maxed out. I’m using a gt20 in my pc with a dual monitor set up, placing me below the recommended specs however the game still put me on the high setting, just one below the max, with out having checked any numbers the game was a little jerky so I turned the AA and AF down a little to get it nice and smooth, but even still the quality did not suffer significantly, so with that said if you meet the recommended specs for the PC version you can expect this game to run very well and get the most out of it.

well I’m off to play some more enjoy your time in Skyrim

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