Where Insanity Thrives… Still

Well having just finished this book I figure its time for a review, this is the thirteenth book in the series and has been completed by Brandon Sanderson after the death of Robert Jorden in 2007, and while many fans believed that the series would never be the same being finished by another author, my self included, I assure you you wont be disappointed by this book.

Now I will attempt to keep spoilers out of this review for those that have not read the book yet but I can’t guarantee I wont give any. If you haven’t read all of the proceeding books the please be patient as this will contain spoilers for them, you have been warned.

This book goes from start to finish at a blinding pace although much of this is due to the many separate story lines that still exist at this point.and it truly is a book that is hard to put down, leading to much sleep deprivation on my part in an attempt to get through this book as fast as humanly possible.after the events at the end of the previous book we are left with as many open story lines as were closed however this book is all about the lead up to the last battle as was always expected of it leaving us perfectly positioned to move in and get this represented in all of Robert Jorden’s wonderfully details glory as we have come to grow over the series. by the end of the book we fine many loose ends have been wrapped up with the characters finally beginning to converge again to allow the story to move forward at a much better pace then has been seen for some time in these books much to my relief

During this book we find that Brandon has concentrated heavily on the 3 boys from the two rivers much to my delight, so we see them progressing much more then many of the other players in the book, while the girls (Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne) still feature its not nearly as much as in the previous book, however with there story’s fairly well warped up in the previous book with Elayne taking the throne and Egwene restoring the white tower this was to be expected.

This book is certainly not without its twists and they start from the moment you pick up the book, in the prologue we find out some amazing facts about past events that I will defiantly leave you to find out when you read the book, so will keep you riding the wonderful roller coaster that is the wheel of time, and it definably leaves you hungry for the finally book that is due out next year.

With that I’ll leave you to pick up your own copy and have a read, trust me you wont be disappointed.

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