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Well I’m sure at the title you are wondering what the hell is that, well muggles read on to find out.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt that anyone can join, all you need is a GPS, a map and some spare time. now your proberly thinking I don’t have maps or a GPS and that sounds expensive to get, but these are much more common than you think, if you have an iPhone or like me an android phone, you already have everything you need. to start hunting for treasure.

In this game you will be hunting for Geocaches, these in the simplest form are a container that has a log in it and usually a writing implement depending on the size (but ill get to that in a moment), these may also contain trade items, that when you discover the cache you can swap for another item of equal or higher value (not putting an item if you take one out in is considered very bad manners) or sometimes track-able items. these come in many varieties but the most common you will come across are Geocoins (a specially minted coin that has a unique tracking code on it to record its movements) and tracking bugs (these are a set of dog tags again with a unique code that can be attached to any item) that are given a mission to achieve by traveling from cache to cache, with its movements logged on each step of the journey

the best part of this is often the locations that you will find while hunting for these caches so its always to have a camera on your to capture your finds 🙂 so if you have the equipment why not give it a go, just go to the website linked at the start of this post and sign up or read more and you could start geocaching now.

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