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well i have let this get a bit neglected over the last couple of months with things happening at home but there hasn’t been many exciting things happen to be honest.

until last week anyway when my wonderful laptop decided it had had enough the died on me leaving me with no PC. so it was time to do some shopping and try to build a computer on a very limited budget that was capable of playing most games, and and upgrade to Win 7 was defiantly in order. and after much searching i ended up going with the following system

AMD athalon x2 255 (3.1ghz)
Asus M4A77TD motherboard
4gb Kingston DDR3 ram
250gb seagate HDD
ECS 1gb nvidia GT240
Acer 23″ LCD monitor

with case power supply and win 7 and so far its been very impressive being able to run the games i have been playing at 1920 x 1080 res fine, particularly for the budget it was build on also allowing a lot of room for upgrades in the future.

In other news I have been doing a bit of game hopping lately after trying WoW (yes I sank that low) I have since started to give Eve online a go and so far I’m finding it much more impressive then wow. with the real time training of your skills and the low requirements to be able to become competitive its easy o get stuck in the the meat of the game after only a few days and while there are some minor grind points to get further in to the game these are in now way required to be successful at any branch of the game. and lastly one my personal favorite points of the game is that your are not stuck to any branch of the game on your character, give enough time you can cover all areas of the game with minimal training or specialize in to a specific area to improve your ability there.

on the home front we have been spending some time starting to get the house ready for when bub arrives.

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