Where Insanity Thrives… Still

Well its time for anothor round of photos… this time from spain.

Hey just a quick note to say I’m back in Aus and at home safe and sound. I will have another crack at uploading the photo’s latter.

edit: Here are my Photos of france… more to come soon!

Well what can I say with only 9 days left to go before I get home its photo time!

BHut before we get to that I should give you a litte bit about whats been happening, and the truth is not much… boring i know, we have had a lot more relaxing time at work since we have been sailing alone for the last section of the trip, and once we leave here its time to make a dash for home.

so i have been a litte lazy on this but its still not forgotten…. at least by me.

we have reached Hawaii and are new well and truly on the way home at last with only 1 more port before we reach home! so keep an eye out for the photos from the trip.

speaking of photos i had a near disaster yesterday where the harddrive I am using to store them on had a freak out and i almost lost them all, before finding an awesome tool called photoRec that allowed me to recover ALL of my photos even though the drive had no idea what was there, along with some other things i had on there that i wasn’t as worried about.

so next time you accidentally delete a file of have some sort of problem and lose files i recommend checking that out to get them back.

so never fear all 1200 photos are still headed your way!

I have also added a little shout box over in the side bar for you to spam me some more for updates 🙂

p.s. would it kill someone to post a comment to let me know I’m not writing to my self!

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