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Well I finally did it. I have changed over to using wordpress for my blog as its just so much easier to use then trying to update the old one and add features.

And with this I have added a photo gallery that I’m going to upload some photos to later on tonight (as soon as i get them so i can upload them) so enjoy and baby this will inspire me to update this a little more regularly as i don’t think it could get less often 🙂


  1. boyter says:

    Huzzah! About time you updated this. And wordpress too… very spiffy.

  2. Philderbeast says:

    it was easier and it works quite well… don’t know why i didn’t use it in the first place….

  3. boyter says:

    Well its always worth trying to build it from scratch to at least learn how it should work under the hood.

    Besides I usually find any out of the box solution is a 80/20 deal. It makes 80% of everything VERY simple. But the last 20% is a total bitch to implement.

    But it all depends on how much stuff you are planning on stick on your site.

  4. boyter says:

    Dude threesome! Say yes! Even if one person pulls out its still good! Even if two people pull out….

  5. Philderbeast says:

    *sigh* some of the people i work with have nothing better to do with there time…..

  6. boyter says:

    You mean “their” time 😛

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