Where Insanity Thrives… Still

Over a month and no updates… Oh well not a lot has happened really, guitar lessons have been going well, starting to learn a song so that will be good.

Work is slow as ever, a good time to catch up my reading for sure… to but I'm running out of books, at least untill i get the new eragon book 9 the title escapes me atm.

In other news I decided to break out the programming tools again, this time I have set myself a challenge, to make a proof of concept game server/client using C++ now I don't really expect it to ever do anything useful but like I said its just proof of concept that I could if I really wanted to. so for my design I have decided to go with a MySQL database back end for the data storage rather then using data files for ease of change and if I was doing this for real it would allow me to hook in for other things such as stats for a website. However the real challenge was getting the connector for this working, it's only taken two days to get it working.

well its late and I'm really to lazy to type anymore so i guess that will have to do for all you addicted to checking this site.

oh and please put a name in when posting comments, its so much easer that way, Thanks!


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