Where Insanity Thrives… Still

yep I have been lazy again almost a month since my last blog… yet again… I really should get back in the habit.

the car had the tailpipe fall of the muffler the last week, an interesting experience let me tell you. found out the system had all but rusted away so that had to be replaced, with a shiny new one… made they car run just a touch better to surprisingly.

the Guitar lessons have been going well, one of these days I will actually be able to play a song, I'm getting there slowly.. just have to spend more time practicing.

as for the game I was talking about in my last blog. the project is up and running, and going surprisingly well, I have the server working as a chat server, although its broadcast only, with no way to segregate clients at this stage so everyone logged on will see everything, so a little more work is needed there later on. and the client has a nice openGL GUI on it that ready to have all the functions coded into it to send and receive messages. with a it of luck by the end of next month I will have the base for the chat system in place. on both ends and will be able to move on to the next section.

The pets are well and the wedding plans are moving along nicely so all is going well on those fronts.

time to go back to being lasy…..


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