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hey finally got around to doing this…

well 2 weeks ago we took a little road trip to Nowra and came back with a couple of furry bundles in the car. so please welcome Jemma and bluebell our dog and cat. they are both 11 weeks old and have been great.

you can find some pics at /images/pets

not much else has happened and I'm to lasy to type up the usual stuff started the long shifts so might get up to more worth of being put on here soon….


wow i really have been slack with this so there goes with a huge update…

Firstly the puppy and kittne have been going goo, Jemma has compleated puppy preschool and has been really good… although she likes her food wayyyyyy to much.

Bluebell is just crazy as every but always nice and loves to be around us.

not a great deal intresting at work just ploding along.

and finally the big new is we have finally set a definate date for the weding. we will be getting married on


Well what can I say, things have been fairly slow around here with nothing really major to chat about.

Have been messing around with my guitar a bit more lately

hehe thought i should get in ahead of the screams for an update.

Been busy making a lot of noise lately since I got my guitar I bought off ebay. and since it hasn't sounded to well since I really don't know what I'm doing with it I decided to get lessons to get me a little more motivated and to learn what I'm suppose to be doing so I can get a decent sound of this gear I have bought.

while the gear Isn't the best its more than fine to learn on the teacher managed to make it sound fairly good… if I get any good I might look at getting some better gear down the track.

any who I'm off to practice.

keep in touch.


Over a month and no updates… Oh well not a lot has happened really, guitar lessons have been going well, starting to learn a song so that will be good.

Work is slow as ever, a good time to catch up my reading for sure… to but I'm running out of books, at least untill i get the new eragon book 9 the title escapes me atm.

In other news I decided to break out the programming tools again, this time I have set myself a challenge, to make a proof of concept game server/client using C++ now I don't really expect it to ever do anything useful but like I said its just proof of concept that I could if I really wanted to. so for my design I have decided to go with a MySQL database back end for the data storage rather then using data files for ease of change and if I was doing this for real it would allow me to hook in for other things such as stats for a website. However the real challenge was getting the connector for this working, it's only taken two days to get it working.

well its late and I'm really to lazy to type anymore so i guess that will have to do for all you addicted to checking this site.

oh and please put a name in when posting comments, its so much easer that way, Thanks!


yep I have been lazy again almost a month since my last blog… yet again… I really should get back in the habit.

the car had the tailpipe fall of the muffler the last week, an interesting experience let me tell you. found out the system had all but rusted away so that had to be replaced, with a shiny new one… made they car run just a touch better to surprisingly.

the Guitar lessons have been going well, one of these days I will actually be able to play a song, I'm getting there slowly.. just have to spend more time practicing.

as for the game I was talking about in my last blog. the project is up and running, and going surprisingly well, I have the server working as a chat server, although its broadcast only, with no way to segregate clients at this stage so everyone logged on will see everything, so a little more work is needed there later on. and the client has a nice openGL GUI on it that ready to have all the functions coded into it to send and receive messages. with a it of luck by the end of next month I will have the base for the chat system in place. on both ends and will be able to move on to the next section.

The pets are well and the wedding plans are moving along nicely so all is going well on those fronts.

time to go back to being lasy…..


Well I have been so slack with updating this i'm not sure many people even come here very often anymore.

But now the wedding is over i think im going to change to something easer to use like word press for the blog so i can add a photo gallery to the site as i now have a whole lot of photos from the wedding/honeymoon to add to the site.

Give me a day or so and i will add a longer blog to let you know how everthing went while we were away


Well I have been incredibly lazy on this, even for me 🙂

Not a great deal has been happening have moved into the new house and getting settled.

I had a slight change of plans with my posting and am now on HMAS Sydney, and as a result as going around the world, starting in a couple of weeks time. with stips in india, the UK, canada and the US just to name a few it should be an interesting trip away with lots to see and do.

I doubt that i will be able to get to see most people before i leave but i will try to see some of you if all goes to plan before we go.

As for the photo gallery I was working on it kind of got interupted by being at sea for 4 weeks and so its still sitting here waiting to be finished.


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